Australian Lamb and other meat products

TQM offers exceptional quality Tasmanian lamb, veal, mutton and offal. Our Australian produce has been bred and raised on the lush grassy pastures of Tasmania, and as such has a taste and flavour second to none.


TQM offer both chilled and frozen Australian halal lamb that can be sold as whole carcass lamb or in cuts boxed 6-way lamb for both the domsestic and export wholesale lamb market. Our Australian lamb has been bred and raised on the lush grassy pastures of Tasmania, and as such has a taste and flavour...
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TQM produce exceptional quality Tasmanian frozen veal, certified halal and HGP free.  It is available chilled and frozen whole carcase veal, as well as boxed 6-way veal. Our halal range also includes Tasmanian halal lamb, Tasmanian halal mutton and Tasmanian halal offal.


At Tasmanian Quality Meats, we produce quality Australian halal wholesale mutton, certified HGP Free.  Our mutton can be supplied chilled or frozen mutton, and either 6-way mutton or whole carcase Tasmanian mutton. Our Australian meat exporting operation also supplies Tasmanian lamb cuts.


TQM produces a range of exceptional quality Tasmanian halal offal, including tripe, kidneys, livers, hearts, brains, and tongues. All our products are certified halal and HGP Free. Tasmanian Quality Meats also produce a range of other meat products including Australian halal lamb, mutton and veal.

Salted Sheepskins

Quality sheepskins are available through Tasmanian Quality Meats, with each being salted and classed at our Processing Plant in Cressy. Our skins are classed into pelt quality in a 70/20/10 specification.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about our sheepskins. TQM also process a range of exceptional quality Australian halal...
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