Tasmania has a temperate climate, fertile soils, reliable rainfall and plenty of sunshine, all of which ensure excellent growing conditions for lush pastures, underpinning the production of premium quality Tasmanian lamb, veal and other meat products available from Tasmanian Quality Meats.

Tasmania is Australia’s gourmet island – a gourmet paradise where people live in close harmony with the land and the sea.  It has a mild termperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons, and is an island cooled by latitude rather than altitude.  Our “Clean and green” environment translates into a safer and cleaner food, produced in an environmentally friendly sustainable production system.

In 1999 and 2000 Tasmania was namaed “Best Temperate Island in the World” by Conde Nast Traveller, and in 2006 was named the “Number 1 Island Australia, NZ and the South Pacific” by US Travel and Leisure magazine at that years World’s Best Awards.  And the global travel giant Lonely Planet named the East Coast’s Bay of Fires region as the world’s top travel destination for 2009.

On an island with so much bounty, our wonderful produce is a good cause for celebration!

Climate and Geography of Tasmania

Tasmania is the smallest state of the Commonwealth of Australia, but its’ size has not stopped it becoming one of the prime farming regions in the country.  Geographically located between latitudes 40 degrees and 44 degrees south, it is surrounded by the Great Southern Ocean to the West and South, the Tasman Sea to the...
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